How To Turn Off Auto-Play Videos On Facebook

Facebook rolled out Auto-Play Videos feature, which will automatically play the videos on your news feed. The good thing in auto-play feature is the audio wont be turned on until you click on the video, the bad thing is it will suck your entire internet data plan if your news feed is full of videos. Auto-play feature will be a nightmare for people who use limited FUP internet plans. Here’s the how-to about turning off the Auto-Play Videos feature on Facebook. Auto-Play video feature works only on videos uploaded to Facebook, YouTube videos won’t be playing automatically.

9-29-2015 12-20-11 AM

  • Click on Default, and then choose Off

9-29-2015 12-20-31 AM

  • That’s it! Auto-Play videos feature is turned off and you use your news feed as good as old.

If you have any problem while performing this how-to, do comment about it in the comment section.

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