How To Create Profile in Gravatar?

Gravatar is abbrevated as Globally Recogonized Avatar which provides unique avatars over the world. Gravatar is being owned by Automattic. WordPress is integrated with Gravatar. For every blogging site you dont need to create profile, you can integrate it with Gravatar. Gravatar has been delivering more than 8.6 billion images per day. You can use the same profile of Gravatar in blogs which supports Gravatar. Image uploaded must be with a rating G or PG. Some websites does not accept Other than G and PG. Blogs like Vaultpress, Akismet, Polldaddy  and WordPress are supported by Gravatar.


Steps for creating Gravatar Profile,

  • Go to
  • You can create a new account or if you have account in WordPress you can login with wordpress account.
  • Fill your profile like name, username, etc.
  • When you need to add a avatar, go to “My Gravatar” tab.
  • Click add new image and upload a image you need.
  • After uploading crop the image, then confirm .
  • Your Gravatar profile is now ready.

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